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New In King Cobra

G-FORCE SPORTS CARS has introduced a new production mould. The Cobra replica mould is producing very high quality bodies and we believe we have the most authentic shape in Australia. We have also introduced the Ford Coyotee Kit which runs the latest 5 litre Quad Cam Ford.

Quality out of the mould is excellent. We have created the perfect left to right shape, all roll centres are exactly as per original aluminum body, the bonnet scoop is exact, rear flares, cockpit rolls 7/8” as original. The list goes on.

These bodies can be detailed straight out of the mould, polished and driven as is. Although we do recommend painting.

We have an aluminium body in glass format. The average time to paint a Cobra, no matter whose kit it is, will take anywhere between 40-80 hours and the finished job will never be a perfect shape. Our new Cobra body will only take 5-10 hours maximum, because it is right from the start.

Rob from G-FORCE SPORTS CARS has a 429 King Cobra in white gel coat. We have detailed the mould lines and polished body & panels straight out of mould.

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