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The AC Cobra (SC Shelby Cobra) was a typical English sports car before a Texan by the name of Carrol Shelby (an ex race car driver) had this wild idea to power a light sports car with a Ford V8. The idea became reality and the AC ACE produced by AC Cars Ltd., James Dutton, London, England, was transformed overnight into a "brute".

The car was basically the same except for some chassis work and widened wheel arches. You can imagine the difference in power from a 2 litre, 6 cylinder motor to a massive 427 cubic inch V8 motor.

G-FORCE SPORTS CARS WA produce a replica of the AC COBRA. So close is the reproduction, you cannot tell them apart.


Safety features have been incorporated into the design of the King Cobra. The doors have built-in intrusions and the chassis has mountings for single and double roll bars with under dash rollover frame. The average person with basic skills can assemble the replica Cobra with little fuss. All units supplied do not need further development- it has all been done. The motor, suspension, gear box, steering and body mounts are mounted during production. We also have a price list of components which can be purchased from us. For example - Bumpers, Fuel Cap, Fuel Tanks, Dashes, Windscreen, Suspension, Seats, Rollbars etc.


Take V8 power with good power-to-weight ratios, independent suspension front and rear, four wheel discs, responsive steering geometry, well designed chassis, comfortable seating and excellent visibility... You have got pure pleasure. The more you drive the King Cobra the better it feels.

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