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The G-Force 427 King Cobra (The only example you want of the 427SC AC Cobra). This roadster is designed for high performance and meets all Australian design rules. Also, it has been licensed in every State in Australia. The suspension is fully independent on four corners, has coilover shock absorbers all around fitted to a very rigid chassis with rack and pinion. The weight distribution is equal front and rear. We use 17” and 18” diameter wheels which go well with handling.

PERFORMANCE 0 to 100Kms 4-5 secs depending on motor. 160Kms 12-14 secs depending on motor. Standing ¼ mile 12-14 secs depending on motor.
HANDLING Our 427SC can generate 1.0G (lateral) using 17", 18” low profile tyres. Fully adjustable coilovers which are optional, gives personal handling capabilities for height and dampening.
DIMENSIONS Weight 302 Ford 1200 kilos. Weight distribution F/48 R/52. Wheel base 90”. Track Front/Rear 56”/56”. Length overall 156”. Height to top of windscreen 45”. Width 70”. Ground clearance 4”. Fuel capacity 65 litres – 80 litres.
DRIVE TRAIN Optional motors: Ford 302/351 V8 Windsor. Ford 290 5.4 litre Boss Quad Cam. Ford Coyotee 5 litre Quad Cam. Ford 429/460 Cobra Jet. Chevy LS1, LS2, LS3 motors. Chevy LS7, 427, LS9 etc.
TRANSMISSIONS Ford T5, Tremec 5 speed TKOI, TKOII. Tremec TR 60/60 6 speed. Tremec T56 6 speed. Supra 5 speed Toyota.
DIFF Salisbury ratios 2.88-4.01. Optional limited slip diff.
BRAKES Front 11.0” vented disc. 12”, 13” optional. Rear 10.0” solid inboard. 11”, 12” optional vented outboard .
HYDRAULICS Booster master cylinder – Ford. This meets ADR’s and can be upgraded for competition.
FRONT SUSPENSION Independent with parallel unequal length wishbones coil over shock absorbers anti roll sway bar.
REAR SUSPENSION Differential mounted direct to chassis through top of diff and bottom through wishbone mounting pins. This is independent w/lower wishbones, half shaft uppers, radius arms for strength and longevity of suspension optional rear any roll sway bar.
STEERING Rack & pinion 3.3 turns lock to lock bump steer is virtually nothing.
WHEELS Options 15” diameter F/8” R/10”. 17” diameter F/8” R/11”. 18” Diameter F/8” R/11”.
TYRES Options – 15” diameter F235x60x15” – R295x50x15”. 17” diameter F245x45x17” – R315x35x17”. 18” diameter F255x40x18” – R315x30x18”.
CHASSIS MK III KIT (1) G-Force platform ladder backbone design incorporates every mounting point needed all jigged in place. Torsional and beaming over 6,000nm per degree meets VSB14 Bulletin and all State requirements. MK III KIT (2) G-Force space frame design incorporates three engineering designs, which tie up front and rear bulkhead zones where suspension is housed. This gives superior torsional rigidity for high output motors. MK III KIT (3) Coyotee is similar to KIT (1).
BODY Finished in white gel coat , mediums available chopped strand matt, chop strand core matt, carbon, Kevlar woven cloth, aluminium with birdcage tube support as per original. Resin is a DCPD low shrinkage - .03percent. This will post cure by itself, not like vinylester resin which needs curing in the mould for 6 hours at 60 degrees. All internal fittings boot pan, inner guards, floor pan are bonded to body to form a simple monologue design. The body is mounted at 36 points and can be removed at any time. The quality of the body is as good as it gets. Often we have a finished car in white gel coat polished to show the quality. However we do recommend painting the body.
COST BODY/CHASSIS $13,500 MK III Kit (1) Standard 4-6 litres.
COST BODY/CHASSIS $16,900 MK III Kit (2) for big block motors or supercharged small block motors.
COST BODY/CHASSIS $15,000 MK III Kit (3) Coyotee 5 litre Quad Cam.

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