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KIT NO.1 MK lll SC King Cobra Replica of the SC Shelby AC Cobra Runs 302-351 Ford V8's

The first Cobra replica kit - MKI - is a fully comprehensive self assembly kit. The frame is a ladder backbone with steel corrugated zinc plated floors. The body (a true replica) is supplied fitted to the frame with all floor pans, boot pans, inner wheel arches and bonnet, doors and boot swinging. Different stages of build-up are available right up to a complete car ready for registration. We do not use any subframes of the Jag suspension. The suspension arms bolt directly to the chassis, the diff bolts directly to the chassis,the diff bolts directly to the chassis, coilovers bolt directly to the chassis. Cost of body/chassis is $14,500. The suspension is Jaguar front and rear which runs 302-351 Ford V8 Engines. Cost to build is $70-75,000. Extra cosmetics such as side pipes, stone guards etc, allow $5,000. This is our small black chassis which accepts a 5-6 litre engine.

BUKIT No.2 MK lll King Cobra Replica of the SC Shelby AC Cobra Runs Big Block Motors

Safety features have been incorporated into the design of the King Cobra. The doors have built-in intrusions and the chassis has mountings for single and double roll bars with under dash rollover frame. The average person with basic skills can assemble the replica Cobra with little fuss. All units supplied do not need further development- it has all been done. The motor, suspension, gear box, steering and body mounts are mounted during production. We also have a price list of components which can be purchased from us. For example - Bumpers, Fuel Cap, Fuel Tanks, Dashes, Windscreen, Suspension, Seats, Rollbars etc.

KIT No.3 MK lll King Cobra Replica of the SC Shelby AC Cobra

The Coyotee Kit runs 5 litre Ford Quad Cam or 5 litre cayotee Kit re-designed for wide motor $ 16,500.
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