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King Cobra by G-Force Sports Cars Pty. Ltd. - a replica of the Caroll Shelby sports car of the 60's.

This Cobra has been produced in Perth W.A. for the last 25 years. We are now on our third mould which is very authentic. We worked with a tradesman who knew most of the guys at AC Cars in the UK and uses the same techniques used then when working in aluminium, e.g. - English wheeling machine shrinkers etc. Together we reproduced from scratch a body that is a glass format with the same aluminium design. E.g.- The roll centres on most Cobras have been paneled by panelbeaters who do not understand the lines of how the original Cobra was produced. We have produced a Cobra that can be detailed and polished straight out of the mould. There are not too many manufacturers that can seriously do the same. We manufacture with quality in mind so therefore our numbers produced on a yearly basis is much smaller than some manufacturers.

G-Force Sports Cars Pty. Ltd. - Manufacturer Of King Cobra

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